Social Service

Meetings:       Second Friday, 10:00 a.m. to noon, September through May

Purpose: 1) To help those less fortunate.
2) To be of service to the community.
3) To foster friendships through working together.

Projects: Lap robes and quilts, fleece blankets, gifts for Women in Caring, and Toiletry Bags. The Toiletry Bags are filled with toiletries by Women Helping Women.

Beneficiaries:     Items for the comfort of patients/residents at Heinzerling Foundation, Rebecca’s House, Columbus Cancer Clinic, Homeless Families Foundation, Linus Project, My Very Own Blanket, and mothers in need by assisting with layettes distributed by Church Women United.

Dues: $2/year and donations to the Fabric Fund

2014-15 Officers: Co-chair:  Susan Emswiler
Co-chair: Sandy Trinter
Secretary-Treasurer: Jane O’Neil


Social Service Interest Group 2015-16

Our group has grown to sixteen members this year, and we are having a wonderful time interacting as we prepare blankets and bags to be used to help those less fortunate and to be of service to our community.  Thanks to a number of very generous women who sew bags and quilts on which we work, we have been able to provide to Women Helping Women the following:

Sept. 2015     50 bags

Nov. 2015      50 bags

Feb. 2016       50 bags

May 2016      50 bags

Blankets were delivered to My Very Own Blanket by Susan Emswiler in January and May.

The Heinzerling Foundation is another long time recipient of donations from Social Service with Gwen Jones as our emissary.

We enjoyed two lunch meetings combined with Women Helping Women, with speakers from the Methodist Free Store in November  and Sherry Lowe, speaking about the Ribbons for Peace Project at the May meeting.

Our officers for this past year will continue serving for another year:

Co Chairs: Susan Emswiler and Sandy Trinter

      Secretary/Treasurer: Jane O’Neil


Social Service Quilt intended as a donation to Newcomers for the Card Party Raffle

Social Service Quilt intended as a donation to Newcomers for the Card Party Raffle

For the CWC year 2013-14, the Social Services Interest Group produced 163 bags for Women Helping Women and 62 quilts that were given to the Linus Project, My Very Own Blanket, Church Women United, and the Heinzerling Foundation. The Linus Project provides quilts to children in need; My Very Own Blanket provides quilts to children entering the foster care system; the Heinzerling Foundation cares for multiply handicapped individuals, and Church Women United uses the baby quilts as part of layettes given to women in need.

In addition to the quilts and bags produced by the group, members of the group donated more than 1100 hours of time and more than $360 for twine for the bags, fleece for the fleece-quilts, and other materials for projects. Member Gwen Jones also provided clothing, toiletries and other items for a resident at Heinzerling.

Sherry Lowe used the bags as centerpieces for one of the General Assembly meetings, filling them with canned goods that went to the Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resources Center (CRC), the local food pantry and settlement house.

At Easter, the group provided 16 Easter Baskets that were given to the Caring group to be distributed to members and former members in Caring and to other members of the community.

On May 7, Social Services Interest Group met with Women Helping Women to hear speaker Jessica Hollins, from My Very Own Blanket, describe the work of her organization, which provides blankets to children who are entering foster care. One of the photos on this page is of Jessica speaking at the combined meeting. Social Services gave her one quilt and two bags for her organization.

Also on May 7, Social Services elected officers for next year. They are Shirley Palumbo, chairman; Susan Emswiler, co-chairman, and Jane O’Neil, secretary-treasurer.

Members of Social Services do not need to be able to sew. The group, during its meetings, strings the bags with twine, ties the quilts and pins the edges for final sewing, and cuts fabric for quilts.

Additionally, members of this Interest Group have begun a conversation about whether the group could support a broader definition of philanthropy by serving as a catalyst and clearinghouse for hands-on philanthropy within the community.

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