75th Diamond Jubilee Celebration

75th Anniversary Celebration Final Report

June 2015

This report was prepared to summarize the activities and results of the 75th anniversary celebration, celebrated by Clintonville Woman’s Club in the 2014-15 program year. The three most significant events were the Human Trafficking Symposium in March 2015, which drew more than 150 members and non-members; the play “A Couple of Kids Once More” in April, and the 75th Celebration Open House in May, attended by more than 200 members, non-members and local dignitaries.

The celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the Clintonville Woman’s Club was a recommitment to the statement of the Founders who said “It is OUR community and entitled to our support” and their objectives which are “to encourage wholesome community life, to promote acquaintance among women of varied interests, and to secure cooperation in social, educational, civic and welfare work in Clintonville.”

Purposes of this celebration: (1) to increase membership, (2) to make the community aware of the broad work and benefits of CWC (branding), and (3) to encourage members to act on the statement of community and objectives of the founders.

Activities: To celebrate the 75th Diamond Jubilee year, we completed four volunteer activities: Operation Buckeye, Clintonville Beechwold Community Resources Center Run for the Roses, Karl Road Library branch volunteering, and volunteering at My Very Own Blanket, four activities for celebration: clothing drive, human trafficking symposium, play, involving a local Girl Scout troop with women in caring, and the May Open House and celebration. Girl Scouts prepared Christmas baskets for Women in Caring and included a letter written to the members in Caring.

Ad hoc Anniversary Committee Members: Shirley Palumbo, Coordinator, Judy Robinson, Lynne Matthaes, D Searcy and Betty Daniell. In addition to the committee members, many CWC members were involved in planning and completing these Diamond Jubilee activities.

Details of these activities are further explained in the table below. Pictures from the various 75th Anniversary events can be viewed by clicking on the link “Check out our Gallery,” and the final report from the Human Trafficking Symposium can be viewed by clicking on the link labeled Final Report.


Activity Coordinator Summary
Increase Membership Judy Robinson and all Members “Invite a friend” is an over-riding theme for CWC members during the celebration. All members were encouraged to bring friends and colleagues to all of the events. While we did not have many new members, we did have many inquiries, and many guests took membership packets.
January 2015

Clothing Drive for Volunteers of America

Shirley Palumbo


Members were asked to bring clothing, shoes and linens to CWC during the week of January 19, 2015. In all, more than 130 parcels (estimated at more than 500 items) were picked up by Volunteers of America in the afternoon of January 23, after General Assembly. (Contact for this activity at VOA was Karen at 272-2363.) Some of the better clothing was taken to the Discovery Shop, because the manager there, Gayle Musick, agreed to provide clothing (at no cost) to women in the CATCH Court program (women who are victims of human trafficking) who are ready to enter the work force.  M.A.T.H. assisted with unloading and moving clothing on Jan. 23.
February 2015

Buds to Bouquet Tea


Cheryl Hager While the tea is an annual event, this year, the tea was special to celebrate the 75th anniversary. The Buds to Bouquet tea needed to be rescheduled because of bad weather. Members of Buds to Bouquets did great work to get the sweets and sandwiches re-made. The Speaker was Al Burnhard, President of Union County Master Gardeners, and the topic is “Birds & Butterflies for your Own Backyard, Gardening for Wildlife.” Attendees were reminded of the 75th anniversary celebration.
March 2015


March 10, from 6 to 8 pm at CWC


Shirley Palumbo The symposium was attended by more than 150 participants, and $783 was raised for Gracehaven and the Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition. 100 cookies were purchased from Freedom a la Cart, Melissa’s Incredible Edibles donated 100 cookies, and members baked another 3 dozen cookies. Printed Image donated the printing of the program for $16. Moxie’s (Mary Rodgers) provided center pieces, paper mache houses, into which donations were placed. We were able to list many Clintonville organizations in the program as supporters. External marketing included 50 letters mailed to local businesses, flyers were included with Clintonville Historical Society mailing and placed in the community, and support was obtained from Rotary, Kiwanis, Clintonville Chamber, and Clintonville Area Commission. Speakers were Lynn Cory from the Central Ohio Rescue and Restore Coalition, a speaker from Gracehaven, Vivian Kriel, a survivor, Detective Lisa from the Columbus Police Department and Sarah Parker from the Salvation Army. Participating organizations included Freedom a la Cart and Shared Hope.  The website had a tile where interested individuals could register for the event, and most registrations from non-members came through the website. The General Board was asked for $200 for catering and $100 for promoting the event.
March 2015

Newcomers Card Party

D Searcy and Newcomers The annual Newcomers Card Party, including lunch, was from 11:30 to 3:30. This event typically does not include many non-members, but the goal this year was to invite a few more non-members to the event.
April 2015

Play (April 17, 18, and 19)

Paula Kautz The play cast was Christy Habermehl, Martha French, Karen Laub, Judy Weaver, and Donna Shoemaker. Nanon Morrison was the Director, and David Cohen is the playwright. Members were asked to attend and to bring friends and colleagues to the event. All three performances were sold out. This was a major fund-raiser for this program year and helped in our celebration and community outreach.
May 2015

Anniversary Celebration

(May 20, from 6:00 to 8:30 pm with program from 7 to 7:30)

Judy Robinson Local dignitaries were invited to the celebration. They included representatives from the Mayor’s Office, Columbus Board of Education, County Commission, City Council, and the Ohio House of Representatives, as well as individuals representing Clintonville organizations.
CRC Volunteerism Diane Osterwise Diane contacted CRC on Jan. 21 and scheduled a meeting for the week of Jan. 26, when Shirley and Diane identified volunteer opportunities for members. No activities occurred, but CWC members may participate in future years.
Website Shirley Palumbo and Martha French The website was edited to feature the 75th anniversary and to allow registrations through the website. A new logo for 75th anniversary was added to website on Dec. 4, 2014. Photos from the 75th anniversary celebration were added to the website as the events occurred.
Operation Buckeye Paula Kautz Operation Buckeye packs boxes for service members and also includes letters to service members. Paula coordinated a service project on January 31, 2015 from 1-3 pm. Approximately ten members packed 100 boxes and wrote letters to service members.
Founder’s Day/


Betty Daniell, Carolyn Hill Betty Daniell and Carolyn Hill presented our Founder’s Day program. They will not do the program again, but their notes will be archived on the website.
May 2015
Run for the Roses
Carol Raparelli On Memorial Day weekend (Monday), the Clintonville Beechwold Community Resources Center has a fund-raiser walk/run, called Run for the Roses. CWC members, wearing their 75th anniversary tee shirts.
January My Very Own Blanket (MVOB) Shirley Palumbo Six members of Social Services and one other friend of a member went to MVOB in Westerville to volunteer on January 9, 2015. This visit is in addition to making and donating quilts and blankets to MVOB. Members enjoyed the visit and volunteerism. Contact is kate@mvob.org
CWC Transportation Diane Brant Diane coordinated transportation for members who want to attend the General Assembly meetings but who no longer drive. Volunteers may continue to be needed.
Library volunteerism Char Wilkerson This volunteer activity began the week of January 19 at the Karl Road branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library and continued through the end of the school year. Coordinator is Char Wilkerson. Sue Wolford (849-1055) is the library’s main contact, Aaron Whitfield is the coordinator at Karl Road for the Homework Help Center, and David Alexander is the coordinator for Reading Buddies. Char will continue this volunteer activity during the 2015-16 CWC year.
Other: Women in Caring bags Shirley Palumbo and Mary Rodgers A Girl Scout Troop assembled Christmas baskets for Women in Caring and wrote letters to the recipients. Bags and letters were completed November 18, 2014 and picked up by Jan Dwyer for distribution.
Memorial Marker Judy Robinson Under discussion.
Whetstone HS young women as volunteers Mary Rodgers and Shirley Palumbo Under discussion
New Signage Peggy Watkins Not feasible because of city regulations. New plastic signs will be attached to the old sign to promote special events.

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